Thesis Award

STAG 2021 will host, as usual, the EG-Italy thesis award ceremony. The award is dedicated to the memory of Matteo Dellepiane, whose passion, enthusiasm, and commitment for science and computer graphics will be of inspiration for all the recipients of this prize.

The Matteo Dellepiane Award recognizes high-quality research thesis produced in Italian institutions. We aim to motivate young researchers, giving them the opportunity to present their works at an international scientific venue. Three awards will be granted: one for the best PhD thesis, one for the best MSc thesis, and one for the best BSc thesis.

Awarded researchers will be announced in a dedicated session of the STAG 2021 Conference, during which they will also be invited to give a presentation about their work.


We invite nominations of young researchers whose PhD/MS/BS thesis respect the following requirements:

  • Subject in Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Visualization, Computer Vision, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Fabrication (in general all topics covered by Eurographics / Siggraph call for papers)
  • Research mainly conducted in Italy or in collaboration with Italian institutes (at least one supervisor must be affiliated to an Italian institute)
  • Diploma granted between January 1st 2020 and July 31st, 2021.


To participate to the contest, researchers need to provide the following documentation:

  • The name and affiliation of the candidate
  • A pdf version of the Thesis (in English or Italian)
  • Eventual slides of the Thesis presentation/defense in pdf format
  • The name of supervisors
  • Explicit mention of which publications resulted from the Thesis.

The documentation of candidate nominations must be sent to the Thesis Awards chairs, Gianmarco Cherchi ( and Luca Cosmo (, not later than August 31st, 2021.

Nominations can be sent by the candidate, the supervisor, or any other researcher. If you do not receive an acknowledgment, please contact the Thesis Awards chair again.


The Thesis Award Committee is composed by members of the international communities of the topics covered by the STAG conference. The Committee will consider the quality of the work, the review reports, the quality and impact of the publications derived from the Thesis, the completeness and coherence of the state of the art section in the Thesis, and any other relevant aspect of the work.

Thesis Award Committee members: M. Agus (HBK University), D. Allegra (UNICT), F. Banterle (CNR-ISTI), D. Cabiddu (CNR-IMATI), A. Caputo (UNIVR), P. Cignoni (CNR-ISTI), V. Garro (BTH), A. Giachetti (UNIVR), P. Goswami (BTH), A. Jaspe (HPVG Kaust), F. Laccone (CNR-ISTI), Z. Lähner (Munich University), A. Loddo (UNICA), M. Mortara (CNR-IMATI), A. Muntoni (CNR-ISTI), G. Patane' (CNR-IMATI), F. Pellacini (Sapienza Roma), G. Pintore (CRS4), R. Pintus (CRS4), M. Potenziani (CNR-ISTI), R. Scateni (UNICA), A. Signoroni (UNIBS), L. D. Spano (UNICA), M. Stamminger (LGDV), F. Stanco (UNICT), M .Tarini (UNIMI), P. Vázquez (ViRVIG).

Thesis Award Co-chairs