STAG Doctoral Consortium

This year STAG 2021 will be hosting for the first time a Doctoral Consortium, addressed to all Ph.D. students in Computer Graphics and related areas. The event will take place on October 26th and 27th, 2021.

The Consortium is mainly organized by Ph.D. students. and it aims to connect young researchers in the field, providing them an exciting opportunity to share their work, experience and initiatives among fellow Ph.D. students. The goal in the long term is to build a stable community where you can share your research, do networking and discuss prominent topics for the Community of Computer Graphics based in Italy.

You are all invited to join. Despite the Consortium being mainly addressed to Ph.D. students, everyone interested is highly encouraged to participate, regardless of their academic position, as past and future perspectives on the Doctoral career are of fundamental value to guarantee the success of the event. If you are willing to participate, please fill the attached form:

We look forward to meeting you there!